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Love Letters for When


At different times in my life, I have felt incredibly alone. I have many friends and acquaintances but that has never inoculated me (or anyone else for that matter) from feeling lonely or depressed.

So I started writing letters… sometimes to the women in my life who needed them depending on what they were going through, sometimes to myself. And so Love Letters for When was born.

Anna Sarayna

My first memory of writing is in the second grade. I wrote a poem which I performed at a national speech and drama competition put on by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC). I don’t recall winning a medal for the performance, but since then, I have had a love affair with words. The written word has been a constant for me, even as everything else around me changes.

Love Letters for When is one of 2 projects I committed to publishing at the start of 2019, despite the unyielding fear I have of sharing my work in print.  If you find value in even 1 of the letters then my mission would have been accomplished.

Here’s to daring greatly and stepping into the ring!

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“I’m doing all the ‘someday’ things today; spreading love like wildfire and spending my talents like a rich man determined to go broke.”